Hugh Grant backs Bipolar Disorder Experience Website

Equilibrium has been approached by Dr Anne McPherson of Oxford University, a former GP, and the charity DIPEx and has agreed to work together on a unique project documenting the experiences of people with bipolar disorder.Anne has been involved in establishing a unique health experience website which represents the experiences of people with health problems, ranging from cancer to neurological problems.

The project is very much in the spirit of our International Testimony project, but will take things to a new level by incorporating personal experience in a way which has been carefully analysed  such  that it gives and accurate overall representation of individuals experiencing, living with and seeking help and treatment for bipolar disorders – a shared problem.

The current Healthtalkonline website has more than 2 million hits per month and it is hoped that joint working will bring a new dimension of sharing of experiences of bipolar disorder at an international level.

Actor Hugh Grant has been involved supporting the  work of Healthtalkonline and recently spoke on the BBC about the importance and impact of ‘evidence based experience sharing’.

In the interview Hugh Grant makes the important point that so much experiential information is available on the internet but that it is important that there is somewhere which does not simply portray the extremes of experience. When newly diagnosed with any health problem it is easy on the Internet to find the stories of those who have had the most awful experiences or who have experienced ‘miraculous cures’. What is much more helpful is to be able to sample more of the common experiences in the middle of the absolute extremes.

What the project with Healthtalkonline will aim to achieve is to accurately portray, through the voice of individual people affected by bipolar disorder the experience, learning and advice which is truly representative.  In doing this we will work with a team of experienced researchers at the Oxford University Department of Primary Health Care.

We are seeking significant support for this project – the recent projects such as on Pancreatic Carcinoma can cost around 100,000 pounds but the website has around 2 million visits per month.

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