Priorities identified for Equilibrium by 3300 people with bipolar

Priorities Identified for Equilibrium by more than 3300 people with bipolar disorder:

The table below summarises the priorities identified in the International Bipolar Disorder Survey by more than 3300 people with bipolar disorder from across the world.

They were asked to rate 14 possible priorities and the graph below presents the percentage of participants rating each as ‘very important’.

The top three priorities identified were:

  1. education and information for those recently diagnosed
  2. improved training of professionals
  3. addressing issues relating to public understanding and stigma
  4. supporting research related to treatment and diagnostic methods

To explore the effect of local attitudes and health care systems we did an exploratory analysis to examine if there were any differences between the countries with the largest number of participants- the UK and the USA. There was overall agreement by participants in the whole sample and in the UK and US groups but there was evidence of subtle and interesting differences which may reveal areas of importance to address.



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