The Bipolar Testimony Project

Pole to Pole: The Bipolar Testimony Project

The aim of the testimony project is to dispel myths about bipolar disorder in a very personal, visible and human way. The project initially is a compilation of accounts by people from all the continents of the earth who have bipolar disorder. Obviously everyone who has contributed an account has given their permission for it to be made publicly available on the web

At a worldwide level there are three main myths about bipolar disorder

  1. People do not know what it is, have not heard of it and do not see it as treatable.
  2. It is seen as a ‘western construction.’
  3. It is talked of as a ‘concept’ when it is a major cause of suffering in individual people.

The truth is that this illness has been recognised for thousands of years and occurs in all cultures, societies and races.

Project Commenced

We are already working with affected people in this project in Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, USA, Canada,Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Japan, Antartica, England, Sweden, Norway, and the Philippines, with other countries imminently underway.To facilitate this project we are working with cooperation of staff from a variety of international organisations. This project will also be a simple way to contact national advocacy and self-help organisations.

Read the testimonies we have collected so far.

If you are interested in contributing an account from a country with no or few current participants, please contact us and tell us where you are from so that we can discuss it with you.

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