a call for more help

What is in a gene?

Can you help us to find out?

We are calling on all people with Bipolar Affective Disorder to help us to develop a better understanding of the genetics behind the disorder! Our research and others like it have already begun to pave the way for new treatments and preventative strategies. These may be more personalised and also associated with fewer or absent of side effects. We strongly believe that learning more about the genetics will begin to make a practical difference for creating new treatments for people with Bipolar Disorder.

We have already had hundreds of volunteers through the Bipolar In Touch network but need more!  A big sorry to those of you who volunteered from outside of the UK as so far we have had to limit ourselves to interviews to UK residents.

How to help:

All you would have to do is a one-off interview about your experiences of Bipolar Disorder and have a blood sample taken don’t worry, our research team are fully trained, you will be in safe hands! … Then our team of laboratory researchers will take over. In some cases, we may ask you for a saliva sample.


If you can travel to University College London to meet with Alex or Hannah for an interview, we are able to refund your travel expenses. Some volunteers use the opportunity to visit family and friends or have a day out in London. However if you are unable to travel to us, don’t fret, we can make alternative arrangements.

So if you are interested:

in getting involved or just want some more information, send us an email: saying “I would like to get involved” to

At this stage, regrettably, we are concentrating on those of English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry.

A BIG Thank You: to everyone who has already helped because the more people involved, the more powerful our results.

We are already collaborating with a number of other research centres in the UK and Worldwide to get as many people involved as we can!

Thanks for your continuing support


Hannah and Alex

University College London / Equilibrium

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