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This Equality section of the website is very much a work in progress. We welcome contributions to it either through the comment feature or the Blog section of the site. We will gradually be posting more articles in each of the parts of this section.

You can search the site by using the tags “equality” and “stigma” to pick up news, blogs and other articles relevant to these themes. For the minute we have chosen to post the following from a news story we shared in 2007:

Chains for mental illness

Comment from an Indian Psychiatrist: Yes, the image you sent was disturbing. But mal-treatment of mentally ill patients is still ongoing in some parts of India. Although I don’t have a detailed knowledge on this issue… I have seen many incidents like this myself.   I would certainly like this issue to be highlighted in your website.
Kochi, India Feb 14th 2007:
“While Kochi dreams of a smart future.  A youth- a promising football player at that- has been chained to his fate for 7 years smarting under a curable mental illness.  Krishnan, 35, of Puthuvanlparumbu House in Kadungalloor, near Aluva, once dribbled football past his friends and enjoyed his youth till at the age of 28, when he came under a bout of mental illness and was chained by his family….
Krishnan, once a good singer now hums a sad tune. The only accompaniment to his strains are the rattling of his chains… Krishnan can be brought back to normal life if proper care and medicines are given” From The New Indian Express, Thiruvananthapuram  www.newindpress.com 2001
After the fire at  Erwadi in Tamilnadu, which killed 28 chained ‘patients’ , the Indian Supreme Court introduced reforms to protect institutionalised patients from such violations of rights.