Latest research

As of 2011, our treatment section has been updated with all the identified systematic reviews, meta-analyses and clinical guidelines.   It therefore provides an excellent place to start in finding ‘up to date’ evidence and information about treatments available for bipolar disorder.

Lists of new research are available for:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Acute manic episodes
  3. Acute depressive episodes
  4. Maintenance treatment
  5. Psychosocial interventions
  6. Comorbidity
  7. Self-harm and suicide
  8. Substance misuse
  9. Children and adolescents
  10. Reproductive health
  11. Later life

Many of the references in the above lists link to PDF or abstracts of the publications, but those which do not can be be located using Pubmed to get free access to the summaries of the articles.

Pushed for time?

If you just want to get started, or have a limited amount of time then we would recommend looking at the following evidence-based guidelines:

  1. Grunze H, Vieta E, Goodwin GM, Bowden C, Licht RW, Moller HJ, et al. WFSBP Task Force On Treatment Guidelines For Bipolar Disorders (PDF). World Journal of Biological Psychiatry. 2010 2010 Mar;11(2):81-109.
  2. Grunze H, Vieta E, Goodwin GM, Bowden C, Licht RW, Moller HJ, et al. The World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) guidelines for the biological treatment of bipolar disorders: update 2009 on the treatment of acute mania (PDF). World J Biol Psychiatry. 2009;10(2):85-116
  3. Goodwin G. Evidence-based guidelines for treating bipolar disorder: revised second edition – recommendations from the British Association for Psychopharmacology (PDF). British Association for Psychopharmacology. 2009.
  4. Medicine NC-Mo. Bipolar Disorder – primary care. NHS Choices – Map of Medicine. 2010
  5. Clinical Knowledge Summaries. Bipolar Disorder. CKS. 2009.
  6. Malhi G, S, Adams D, Lampe L, Paton M, O’Connor N, et al. Clinical practice recommendations for bipolar disorder. Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica Supplementum   (439) (pp 27-46), May 2009.
  7. Goodwin GM AI, Arango C, Bowden CL, Henry C, Mitchell PB, Nolen WA, Vieta E, Wittchen HU. ECNP consensus meeting. Bipolar depression.