Online Resources


Interactive Video Education Resources

Online Interactive Education and Information for Family and Carers

An excellent online interactive programme developed in Wales in collaboration by a team lead from Cardiff University. Highly recommended.(

Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder :Online Interactive Education/CME Package for Primary Care /Family Practitioners

Produced by the same team in Cardiff in University, an excellent presentation for training GP/family practitioners about the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Useful if you are seeking advice about a possible diagnosis of bipolar disorder.(

Pregnancy and Childbirth in Women with Bipolar Disorder

A first rate video based interactive programme covering issues around pregnancy and childbirth produced by the Cardiff team recognised as a centre of international expertise in the area.(


Support from E-Communities and Forums which are recommended

see:  Review article on online discussion forums and other support resources available- reviews of the best available

Bipolar UK  , formerly MDF – the BiPolar Organisation  –

The Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry Forum: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. (UK based but members internationally)

Mood Garden  based in the USA but international