Harry Austin: bipolar testimony

  Bray, Ireland Age: 25 Diagnosis: Bipolar disorder, needing antidepressants and mood stabilisers. Career: I am qualified personal trainer but plan to go on to further studies. My Story: During most of my childhood I was a happy boy growing … Continued

Laurance: bipolar testimony

Name: Laurance Country: Gasny, France. Age: 25 Diagnosis: bipolar disorder. Onset: ill from age 15, actual diagnosis age 23. Family/career: freelance journalist, married. My Story: Forgive the need for hiding my identity, but bipolar disorder is not something well received amongst … Continued

Helen: bipolar testimony

Name: Helen Location: Canada Age: 28 Diagnoses:  bipolar disorder, psychosis. Onset of bipolar illness and diagnosis: 1998 Family/career: I am a research statistician, employed in the field of health and medical research, married, with two children. My Story: On my way … Continued

Jolie: bipolar testimony

Please scroll down to see this testimony in German. Bitte scrollen Sie die Seite hinunter um die deutsche Version zu lesen. Name: Jolie Age: 23 Country/location: Region Oldenburg, lower Saxony, Germany Diagnosis/diagnoses: bipolar disorder, with both sides highly pronounced, thereby … Continued

Heidi: bipolar testimony

Name: Heidi Country/location: Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. Age: 41 Diagnosis: Bipolar I disorder, diagnosed by my regular internal medicine specialist and confirmed by a psychiatrist. Onset of bipolar illness: In my teens. Approximate date of bipolar disorder diagnosis: Summer 2006, … Continued

Creativity and Bipolar Disorder

Neus Barrantes-Vidal from Barcelona and Gloria Calderon from Oxford, discuss the issue of creative advantage associated in families with bipolar disorder and other related illnesses. Creativity and Bipolar Disorders Revisited from Current Psychological Perspectives. “One of the practically useful implications … Continued