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A message from Stephen Fry,

Special Ambassador for Equilibrium – the Bipolar Foundation

“The comedian, actor, quiz master and writer has been a popular host of the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts BAFTA awards – the UK’s answer to the Oscars – over the past six years. Recent BAFTA winners include: Kevin Spacey, Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, Russell Crowe, Daniel Day-Lewis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Judy Dench, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts.”

Hello there,

I would like to encourage you to join in with some adventurous, exciting and imaginative plans for the future which Equilibrium – The Bipolar Foundation - are coming up with.

My own history of mania and depression has been a background to more than thirty years of my life: I made two films for the BBC on the subject broadcast in September 2006, a remarkable experience which has reinforced in my mind the prevalence of the condition and the urgent need for some imaginative thinking in all sectors.

So do participate and consider signing up to the Bipolar In-Touch” network, so that you can be kept in touch about what is going on. It is a very important place to start and will also help furnish us with information that presently we just don’t have. It will also make it easier both to attract further funding for research into the causes and treatment of bipolar disorder and to assist with the setting up of new education and treatment programs. It would be a great starting point as we all begin to work together on this important problem.

It’s time for a Great Leap Forward in funding, prioritisation, public understanding and knowledge. Do join us!

Best wishes,




CHANGE IS HAPPENING – support Equilibrium and BE PART OF IT

Donations to Equilibrium help us to work towards and achieve:

  • Freedom from stigma, fear and misunderstanding
  • Well-trained professionals
  • Early and accurate diagnosis
  • New research into its causes and treatment
  • Support systems to help manage their lives.

Equilibrium strives to help:

  • People with bipolar
  • Families and loved ones affected by bipolar
  • Clinicians and health professionals working with people who have bipolar
  • Research partners seeking to understand causes and develop treatments
  • National bipolar advocacy organisations working with self-management and support programmes.