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The World Health Organization has identified bipolar disorder as one of the top causes of lost years of life and health in 15-44 year olds, ranking above war, violence and schizophrenia.

The Bipolar In-Touch Network has over 3,000 members worldwide

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“It is nice to see that there are actually people out there who have had direct experience with Bipolar Disorder on the front lines. Keep up the good work…our voices need to be heard around the world!”
- Quote from a web user.

If you are personally affected by bipolar disorder, either directly or through a family member, friend or loved one, registering for updates from Equilibrium will hopefully be helpful and informative. Your information could also be the opportunity to assist in some way with the organisation’s research work. Importantly, signing up for regular online information or newsletters does not commit you to anything at all.

“I am very impressed that you are asking such perfect questions for this disease. Thank you for caring.”
- Quote from a web user.


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