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Introduction The Bipolar Foundation recently ran an online questionnaire and from well over 3,000 bipolar respondents, all obviously computer literate and internet friendly (or why would they be on our website and answering an online questionnaire). Through cooperation with a … Continued

Mike S: bipolar testimony

Name: Mike S. Country/location: Davao City, Philippines Age: 30 Diagnosis/diagnoses: bipolar I disorder. Onset of bipolar illness and date of diagnosis: 1998 Family/career:  I have been living with this diagnosis for almost ten years now. I am a very outgoing person. … Continued

Michael McCook: bipolar testimony

Name: Michael McCook. Country/location: County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Age: 18 Diagnosis: Cyclothymia My Story: I was first diagnosed with cyclothymia around the 28th of October 2007. I had had severe mood swings, most of them quite rapid, and my doctor … Continued