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Ctrygirl: bipolar testimony

Name: Ctrygirl (online name, due to stigma in a small town). The photo is of me, the hives and the hobby my father passed down to me. Country/location: Ohio, USA. Age: 43 Diagnoses: Bipolar disorder (usually mixed mood or rapid cycling, … Continued

Gillian Mahoney: bipolar testimony

Name: Gillian Mahoney Location: Tuscany, Italy Age: 60 Diagnosis: bipolar disorder Time of diagnosis: finally imparted to me 2002, various diagnoses since about age 14 My Story: My parents divorced when I was aged about two and half. Mother forbade … Continued

Leopoldo: bipolar testimony

Please scroll down for this testimony in Spanish. Más abajo pueden leer el testimonio completo en Español. Name: Leopoldo Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Age:  58 Diagnosis: Bipolar disorder since 1989, diagnosed 20 years after my first crisis when I was 21. … Continued

Harry Austin: bipolar testimony

  Bray, Ireland Age: 25 Diagnosis: Bipolar disorder, needing antidepressants and mood stabilisers. Career: I am qualified personal trainer but plan to go on to further studies. My Story: During most of my childhood I was a happy boy growing … Continued

Laurance: bipolar testimony

Name: Laurance Country: Gasny, France. Age: 25 Diagnosis: bipolar disorder. Onset: ill from age 15, actual diagnosis age 23. Family/career: freelance journalist, married. My Story: Forgive the need for hiding my identity, but bipolar disorder is not something well received amongst … Continued

Helen: bipolar testimony

Name: Helen Location: Canada Age: 28 Diagnoses:  bipolar disorder, psychosis. Onset of bipolar illness and diagnosis: 1998 Family/career: I am a research statistician, employed in the field of health and medical research, married, with two children. My Story: On my way … Continued